Policies & Tuition


How do I know what class level is appropriate for me/my family member?

The N.E.B. staff considers ability, age, and maturity when placing students in appropriate class levels.  Pointe class placement is based on director and instructor approval.  Beginning Pointe begins approximately at the age of twelve and requires a minimum of two ballet classes per week. Pointe class is not mandatory for enrollment in Intermediate/Advanced level ballet technique classes.

What is the dress code for class?


  • Hair should be neatly pulled back from the face and neck.
  • Level A and up:  Long hair should be neatly secured against the head.
  • Ladies:  Solid colored leotards, pink tights and ballet slippers
  • Men:  Unitard, leotard/t-shirt, and leggings or tights, black or white ballet slippers
  • No loose clothing, pants (jazz), or dance shorts

Character Dance:  Character dance shoes (preferably low-heeled) and ballet attire.

Pilates:  Comfortable clothing that allows full freedom of movement, and Pilates/Yoga mat.

If I miss a class, can I take a different class as a make-up?

Alternate classes will be suggested in the event of absence.  All classes must be made up during the current session.

What happens if there is inclement weather?

N.E.B. does not automatically follow school cancellations.  Please call the studio for a recorded message in the early afternoon, or check the Facebook page/website for updates.

Can I observe my family member in class?

Classes are open for parent observation during the last week of most months.  Pre-Ballet observation is determined by the instructor; usually one class each semester.