Preparing for Fall Classes at New England Ballet

We are looking ahead to fall plans for New England Ballet and are considering several factors, a large part of which includes input from our current families and what they would be comfortable with (we are, however, accepting new students as well!)

For our more advanced students, we believe we have a plan for accommodating a limited number of in-person students for class with policies to maintain social distancing and increased cleaning and ventilation. We are also exploring what a mix of in person and virtual class might look like and what improvements we would need to make in order to make streaming from the studio a reality but acknowledge that there may be times where virtual classes may be necessary at all levels. At this time, we are looking to resume classes the week of September 21 to allow increased time for families to return to a school routine as well.
Please, if you have not done so already, complete our brief survey that indicates your comfort level with in person and online class options and gives you the opportunity to include notes as well. This input allows us to make important decisions about what is feasible for each class. Please note that although there is an option that allows you to indicate a preference not to wear a mask while dancing, this option comes from when the survey was first put out earlier in the summer and we would now ask all in-person students to wear masks. I have taken class this way myself and it is totally possible.
While continued training in ballet technique is our goal, the focus of New England Ballet encompasses much more. We are committed to the development and support of our students as people and strive to do whatever we can to offer a program that maintains all of the above. We are all in this together.

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